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The Dangers of a Leaky Roof

A roof leak is considered as among the major household maintenance issues many homeowners may be tempted to put up right on the back burner. On the other hand, there is still more than one good reason to treat it with urgency. Aside from the damage that it can cause to the house’s framing, it may also compromise not only the insulation but also promotes mold growth and might even create fire hazard strangely.

A leaky roof is just one of the best examples that homeowners might have in their home without knowing. Leaky roofs can and would result to the following dangers:

Structural Dangers

Take note that wet wood is a weak wood. The wetness can surely spread through all the wood in your home including its foundation. For those who are living in a house having a compromised sturdiness, they are more likely to encounter problems most especially during snowstorms, floods, and wind storms.

It is essential for the exteriors of the house to be in perfect condition. For that, it is recommended to consult with an exteriors renovation company that specializes in that.


Mold lives in a warm, damp environment. Mold grows on the damp insulation and rafters and spread throughout the HVAC system straight into the lungs of whoever lives in the house. Keep in mind that breathing in the mold spores might give you symptoms of allergy such as congestions and coughing, or worst, it may cause upper respiratory infections.

Rotten wood

Fire Hazards

Faulty or exposed wiring can short when it contacts with water, thus sending electricity via the insulation in the walls and attic.


This may seem not a problem most especially if the water is in the attic or within the walls and ceilings. On the other hand, occasionally, a leaky roof may cause a puddle in the home’s high traffic area. If the roof is leaking and you are not aware of it, someone in your house can be seriously injured by slipping on the puddle.

Much Higher Wasted Energy and Utility Bills

Higher utility bills are just one of the many side effects of a leaking roof since the water intrusion is damaging the insulation in the attic area.  The fiberglass or cellulose insulation will become saturated, thus taking it a long time for it to completely dry. If the roof repair is put off for a long period of time, chances are the water intrusion would deplete the insulation. As a result, your home will lose both cool and hot air leading to much higher utility bills.

Weak and spongy water-damaged roof may end up peeling the paint, buckled the wall coverings, and damaged the ceilings. The structural damages are inevitable if there is a leaky roof. It only means that the good chunks of the deteriorated ceiling can give way and fall, thus damaging anything found underneath. Surely, you would hate it to find your television and laptop under a collapsed ceiling. Therefore, you should not let your leaky roof harm your family and your home. There are many companies that offer services to help keep your roof in its best condition. This way, you can guarantee that you will prevent from having a leaky roof.

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